Online Backgammon for Beginners

Since the dawn of the internet, backgammon has taken wings. It may be considered as the oldest board game in the world. Now this game has now adapted to modern living and is found in the internet. Let’s see how is backgammon played online.
It seems that by the end of the 1980s backgammon has been made playable on computers. Since the game offers the elements of strategy and luck, it fascinated programmers who can adopt it using random number generators and algorithms for decision making. It appears that backgammon is quite comparable to chess in some respects.
Backgammon may be played online either for free or for a certain fee. There are dozens of free sites around where players play backgammon for free. And of course there are sites that allow online betting at a backgammon game. But as a note of caution, there are states and territories where this is not allowed. It is safer to check out if online betting is legal in a particular state before making bets online.
An online backgammon gaming site would usually post rules, tips, and strategies to help beginners. If you’re new, better start with these. The first step to actually play online requires a player to register. Some sites would offer bonuses (like bonus codes a player gets when a registered online account is validated or activated).
Players can match wits and luck with other players from anywhere in the world. There are also sites that allow you to play against a bot (i.e. a backgammon program), and other sites allow players to download free backgammon software to practice on. Games with other players online can be played for fun or for money.
If players feel they are up to it, they may participate in online backgammon tournaments. These online tournaments are often sponsored by gaming sites. Players will compete in different series of matches with other players. Backgammon rules apply during these matches, including doubling.
Like any tournament, online tournaments will be divided into different levels or phases. Matches during each phase or level will have varying points per game. The first would be Eliminations or Quarters. These would have the lowest value of points per match.
For instance, in this stage of the tournament a match might amount to 5 points. Players who make 5 points first are declared winners. Each game would have its amount of points, and would be influenced by doubling. When a double is made, the winning player gains more points a lot faster for just one game.
Often players will have to agree on what day and time they will play their games. A deadline is usually imposed for every match.
The succeeding phases or levels would be semi-finals and finals. Each would have higher game values of course. The winners in these tournaments will usually be posted on the site. Some sites also include records of the game that other players can review.
With the help of the internet, backgammon has now gained a global following. Beginners have an avenue to practice, learn the game, gain experience, and improve their skills through online backgammon.

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