Online Backgammon for Beginners

Since the dawn of the internet, backgammon has taken wings. It may be considered as the oldest board game in the world. Now this game has now adapted to modern living and is found in the internet. Let’s see how is backgammon played online.
It seems that by the end of the 1980s backgammon has been made playable on computers. Since the game offers the elements of strategy and luck, it fascinated programmers who can adopt it using random number generators and algorithms for decision making. It appears that backgammon is quite comparable to chess in some respects.
Backgammon may be played online either for free or for a certain fee. There are dozens of free sites around where players play backgammon for free. And of course there are sites that allow online betting at a backgammon game. But as a note of caution, there are states and territories where this is not allowed. It is safer to check out if online betting is legal in a particular state before making bets online.
An online backgammon gaming site would usually post rules, tips, and strategies to help beginners. If you’re new, better start with these. The first step to actually play online requires a player to register. Some sites would offer bonuses (like bonus codes a player gets when a registered online account is validated or activated).
Players can match wits and luck with other players from anywhere in the world. There are also sites that allow you to play against a bot (i.e. a backgammon program), and other sites allow players to download free backgammon software to practice on. Games with other players online can be played for fun or for money.
If players feel they are up to it, they may participate in online backgammon tournaments. These online tournaments are often sponsored by gaming sites. Players will compete in different series of matches with other players. Backgammon rules apply during these matches, including doubling.
Like any tournament, online tournaments will be divided into different levels or phases. Matches during each phase or level will have varying points per game. The first would be Eliminations or Quarters. These would have the lowest value of points per match.
For instance, in this stage of the tournament a match might amount to 5 points. Players who make 5 points first are declared winners. Each game would have its amount of points, …

Free Casino Games

Online gambling has given people an alternative for wiling away their time while at the same time having fun and making money. One can easily have access to online casinos because there are a lot of virtual casinos in the Internet. It provides more convenience than casino gambling because one can even enjoy online gambling games right at the comforts of their homes.
Online casino gambling provides people with the means to make money from the online casino games. Most online casinos offer online slot machines where people can have a chance to instantly win certain amounts that one can only imagine. However, there are some people who believe that they are not yet ready for the big time and not willing to risk their money just yet. These people believe that their skills are not yet sufficient to enable them to be competitive in the online games. Virtual casinos have provided them with some way by which they can prepare themselves for getting into the big money games, some sort of money management training – free casino games.
Free casino games gives people an opportunity to make themselves ready for competing in the real money games. With free gambling, one can actually gauge their readiness for the real money games. With free casino games, their skills are being monitored and evaluated by special software used for free gambling games.
In most cases, free casino games online also allow people to download the games into their personal computer. Here, people can familiarize themselves with the different internet gambling games and hone their skills until they are ready to engage other online gamblers. Free casino games online may also be played directly from an internet gambling site. With free casino games online, one is not yet eligible to avail of the various benefits that those people playing in the regular games are entitled to.
These pages will give you an overview of the different benefits of online gambling. Our helpful gambling guides can help you get started with internet gambling. Want to find where the best online casinos and the best free casino games are? With our online casino directory, you can have access to the top online casinos as well as the best gambling payouts. You can always look for our internet gambling tips to get some helpful pointers from some internet gambling authorities.…

Basic Facts about Online Slots

Playing online slots on the Internet is very convenient with the influx of online slot machine websites. With this in mind, many people are left wondering where slot machines really originated. Most gambling games can trace their roots to China. It is not clear where modified games actually started, however this is not the case with slot machines.
The beginning of one-armed bandits is embedded deep in American history. A man known as Charles Fey invented the original game in the year 1887 in San Francisco, California. The original machine had three wheels, which is retained to this very day and each wheel consisted of 10 symbols.
The biggest payouts resulted from three bells getting identical symbols, which eventually paved the way for “Bell” machine. This machine had a lever on the side which is responsible for spinning the three wheels. Here, slot machines came to be known as “one-armed bandits”.
In 1910, the “Bell” machine underwent some major innovations. Charles Fey joined Herbert Mills. Their partnership paved the way for the fruit symbol machines currently used these days. The proliferation of the Internet technology led to the development of online slots. Compared to traditional machines, online slots were simple and convenient to use. The purpose of being a diversion for wives and girlfriends of men who are playing the gambling games no longer existed.
One of the biggest attractions of online slots is that people get instantly connected on a slot machine website. In this way, there is no longer the hassle of traffic, parking, audience, and a noisy atmosphere.
However, when it comes to online slots, there is a need for players to be extra cautious. Modern-day slots utilize the technology of random number generator (RNG), which is responsible fro choosing the combination that will appear on each wheel.
Internet slot machines have come a long way and is gaining ground in terms of popularity just like brick-and-mortar slots machines. The opportunities to play Internet slots are endless.
In addition, trustworthy gambling sites provide the convenience in terms of payout percentage. With this mind, finding the perfect slot machine for your own pleasure can be rewarding and exciting as the game itself.
Finally, the invention that Charles Fey introduced has completely revolutionized the way people enjoy and make money. Today, slot machines are popular because of the high percentage it offers people in terms of payouts and excitement. …

With scissors, stone and paper

With scissors, stone, paper to become a millionaire ?!
When talking about scissors, stone and paper, everyone thinks of a breeze about who gets drinks out of the cellar or gets caught up in a soccer team game to a team captain. In English-speaking countries, however, scissors, stone, paper is a veritable popular sport in which even championships with high prize money are held. World Cups were held annually between 2002 and 2009 before the death of World Rock Paper Scissors Society president Wojek Smallsoa prevented further contests. There are still world-wide tournaments, whereby the happening has increasingly shifted to the Internet. However, the Red Bull Roshambull World Online Series fell victim to the sponsor’s withdrawal after five rounds this year. The historical origins of scissors, stone, Paper dates back to the Chinese Ming Dynasty. The game enjoyed great popularity in Japan in the 18th century before it began its worldwide triumphal march. Scissors, stone, paper or Roshambo (named after a soldier of the American Civil War) also have a long tradition in the United States, and supporters of this strangely disciplined discipline would never call Roshambo a game of chance. Purely mathematically, the event ends with a sufficient number of games, although in the stalemate, since the probabilities of the three moves scissors, stone, paper cancel, but professionals see quite a game-theoretical advantages on their side. The American professional Rafe Furst, for example, who claims to have earned millions with Roshambo, opens every duel with the sentence “I take the stone” and puts a lot of pressure on his opponent. How will this react and what conclusions can be drawn from it? For example, if the opponent counters with paper, Furst will judge him as good-faith and build his further game on it. On the other hand, an opponent who takes a pair of scissors is suspicious and has to be treated differently, while someone taking a stone first takes a wait-and-see approach and is the hardest nut to crack. In lengthy matches, Furst believes he can see through and beat every opponent. According to Furst, it is about thinking one step ahead of the opponent, and if this succeeds, he will simply be unbeatable. Especially for poker players, Furst recommends scissors, stone, paper as a training program. In this way you learn to put yourself in the opponent, to make his game varied and to think as many …